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-Name: deanna
-Location: crystal river, fl
-Favorite bands: fort collins theatre (my boyfriend, chris's, band), lybian hitsquad
afi, incubus, thursday, the clash
-Number of concerts you've attended: a lot of local shows, a lot
-The names of the bands that headlined (or the opening acts, either one is fine) those concerts:fct, yesterdays headlines, carnival arrest, ect...
-what concerts would you like to go to in the future? more fct. i would like to see an afi tour

just a stroy from the other night
i saw fort collins theatre at k&k. poor spencer's halfstack head broke because it was moist outside, and worst of all the venue was under new management, and the new sound guy sucked. drunk-off-his-ass redneck, when the show was over he threatend to shoot anyone who wasn't in the band with a paintball gun if we didn't get off his stage! i'd sue his ass so fast if i got shot for helping my boyfriend's band load up in the rain!
yeh, we're not going back there...

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