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I be a new member...

Name: Katherine

Location: Rhode Island

Favorite bands: It's hard to say... I've been listening to The Smiths, Ween, Bright Eyes, and a lot of random stuff.

Number of concerts you've attended: 6 or 7... which isn't that much, but each one was very important...

The names of the bands that headlined (or the opening acts, either one is fine) those concerts: The first two were the same artist, Tori Amos. Kevin So and Lori McKenna, who are some "local boston bands". Three random bands at a local venue that I don't remember the names of... one was some famous but past his prime punk rocker. One of my dad's work "friends" played somewhere. That sucked, he was trying too hard to be Dave Matthews, Bright Eyes, and Ween. Yep.

and what concerts you would like to go to in the future: I'm not thinking too far ahead, because it isn't as fun that way, but Bright Eyes is coming again in February, and I've always wanted to see Cake in concert because apparently they do a lot of audience participation stupid but fun stuff.
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