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hey hey

I just posted in my LJ that I feel like such a concert whore (Wednesday I saw Something Corporate, Thursday Howie Day, Friday Ben Folds, and tonight Eric Clapton), and I saw this community in a friend's community listing, so I figured I'd join. What's up everyone?

Oooo, I've got a question: Which band have you seen the most in concert?

I've seen Something Corporate seven (going on 8) times. Next is Yellowcard, Jordan Knight, and NSYNC at three times. New Found Glory, Jason Mraz, Evan and Jaron, and Joey McIntyre at two, but soon NFG will be bumped up to four or five (warped tour shows in NC, MASS, and depending if they do the 10th aniversary show or not).

Oh, btw: My name's Katie, but I'm known to most as Leenie. I'm happy to be here!
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